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Gentle baby adjustment chiropractic

Chiropractic care helps to safely decrease discomfort in Mothers and Children

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Pediatric Chiropractic

There are many other reasons why children would see a chiropractor. Among the other reasons are: torticollis, colic, insomnia, growing pain, and persistent crying in infants.


The normal function or physiology of the body are all controlled by the nervous system. When the bones of the spine are out of alignment ("subluxated") this can cause interference with the nervous system.... which can affect the way our body functions.


For example, misaligned bones in the neck can affect the nerves as they go to the ears and slow down the draining of the fluid from the middle ear, causing persistent ear infections.


Prenatal Chiropractic

During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. Prenatal chiropractic care helps to safely decrease discomfort as you grow along with baby over the coming months.


What other results do expecting moms experience? Shorter labor and delivery time, fewer nausea symptoms, and relief from back, neck, and joint pain.

Dr. Megan kids chiropractic
Regular chiropractic check-ups, along with proper nutrition and exercise, can help women get well, stay well, and be their best throughout pregnancy and delivery.


Prenatal chiropractic care can help relieve low back pain, assist in keeping the uterine ligaments balanced and transverse fascial release that includes massaging the soft tissue around the fetus to reduce in-utero constraint to improve circulation and chances of optimal positioning during labor.

See What Yost Family Chiropractic Patients Have to Say

"Everyone at Yost is SO friendly! They absolutely treat you like family. I also love and appreciate how thorough the doctors are. They truly believe in fixing and correcting problems, not just treating them. I highly recommend Yost for all chiropractic needs for ALL ages and stages."


"I love Yost Family Chiropractic! I started there 6 years ago with my first pregnancy and haven’t left! They have also cared for my kids. The atmosphere is always so welcoming with personable staff and doctors!"


"I highly recommend Yost Family Chiropractic. My two children have received adjustments since birth and have rarely been sick. The adjustments that I have received since the birth of my oldest child helped me recover quickly, helped ease the discomfort of my second pregnancy, and helped to make my delivery super easy!"

Have Questions About Chiropractic Care?

Here are some of the common questions Dr. Megan and Dr. Adam hear from patients.

What can chiropractic care help with in children?

Children with a properly aligned spine and neck tend to have better posture and be in better overall health. Chiropractic not only helps align the spine and neck, but also helps to clear the neural pathways. This helps the nervous system to perform well, which is vital to healthy living.

Can you receive chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Yes, you can receive chiropractic care during pregnancy! There are many structural

changes taking place as mom grows along with baby, and as she prepares for labor

and delivery. It's important to address these changes to decrease discomfort and

optimize the structure of the bony pelvis, which the baby will pass through during


When should you start prenatal chiropractic care?

There is generally no wrong or right time to begin chiropractic care when you're expecting. Typically, pregnant women will schedule an initial chiropractic prenatal appointment at some point during the first trimester and continue care throughout pregnancy.

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