Press Releases / Published Articles

Should I get check by a chiropractor after a motor vehicle accident? (Urbandale Living Magazine - January 2014)

Can Golfers Benefit from Chiropractic Care?" (August 2013 Urbandale Living Magazine

Should I do spinal checks on my child? And why? (Urbandale Living Magazine - July 2013

How Does Acupuncture Help Break the Cigarette Habit? - Urbandale Living Magazine (June 2013)

Why do women live longer than men? (Urbandale Living Magazine-March 2013

Urbandale Doctor of Chiropractic Completes 100 Hour Certification in Acupuncture!" (Feburary 2013)

How can I stay young when the birthdays keep coming so fast - Urbandale Living Magazine (Feb 2013)

Dr. Heather's featured story for WOW Magazine

Should I Do Massage for Pain or See a Chiropractor? - Urbandale Living Magazine - Oct 2011

Why Do Children See a Chiropractor? - Urbandale Living Magazine (Sept 2011)

Why do Children need to go to the Chiropractor? (Urb Living Magazine - July 2011)

As a Runner Should I See a Chiropractor? - Urbandale Living Magazine (June 2011)

"What Are Some Spring Activities to do With my Children?" - Written by Dr. Heather (Urb Living Magazine, May 2011)

5 Ways to Hurt Your Low Back - By Dr. Heather Yost, D.C.

Watch Dr. Heather on Liz Live! (Fast Forward to 33 minutes to see Dr. Heather!)

What are my options for treatment of low back pain? (March 2011)

Turn, Turn, Turn: Options for Turning & Birthing Breech Babies - By Dr. Heather Yost, DC - Pathways Magazine

Why can't symtoms be used as a baromet of health? (Feb 2011)

If I have WHIPLASH, can CHIROPRACTIC help me? (Urbandale Living Magazine Jan 2011)

When should you start chiropractic care? - Dec 2010

What Causes Neck Pain and Can Chiropractic Help? Urbandale Living Magazine - Sept 2010

Dr. Heather'’s Top 10 Tips on Preventing Cancer…. Naturally (August 2010)

"Once you see a chiropractor, why do you have to go back?" - Urbnadale Living Magazine (July 2010)

What Can I do to Protect my Body While Gardening? - Urbandale Living Magazine (May 2010)

"What Foods Should I Feed My Children?" - Urbandale Living Magazine (April 2010)

Is Childhood Obesity Dangerious?" - Urbandale Living Magazine (March 2010)

"Can Exercise Really Boost My Mood?" -- Urbandale Living Magazine (February 2010)

Are New Year's Resolutions Meant to be Broken? -  Urbandale Living (January 2010)

Can athletes benefit from Chiropractic Care? -- Urbandale Living Magazine - Nov 2009

I Just Don't Believe in That - Urbandale Living Magazine (August 2009)

Can Chiropractic Care Help My Child With ADD/ADHD? (Urbandale Living Mag - July 2009)

Are there different types of chiropractors? (Urbandale Living Magazine - April 2009)

Pregnancy Press Release


Losing Weight

Why Does My Child Get Ear Infections?

Energize Your Life -- Urbandale Living Magazine Ad (May 2008)

"International Chiropractic Pediatric Association's (ICPA) Family Wellness Extravaganza seminar in Philadelphia - May 2008"

Knee Article - Urbandale Living Magazine July 2008

Breech mean C-Section?...Maybe not! -- Urbandale Living Magazine July 2008

Is my Child's Backpack Safe? -- Urbandale Living Magazine August 2008

Is there an eternal fountain of youth that will help you stay younger and healthier?

Yost Family Chiropractic Gives Back - Dec 2008 (Press Release)

Locks of Love (Jan 2009)

801 Grand Power Climb - Benefiting the Amerircan Lung Association of Iowa (Feb 2009)

Chiropractic Care for Children & Asthma

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

"Pay it Forward" -- Dr. Heather Yost's interview for DM Sunday Register (April 2009)

Would You Rather Be Healthy? - Urbandale Living Magazine (September 2009)

Do I Have to Suffer Through Menopause? -- Urbandale Living Magazine (Dec 2009)

What is chronic fatigue and what causes it? - Urbandale Living Magazine

How Can I Avoid the Flu? (Written by Dr. Jessa Kane - Urbandale Living Magazine - Dec 2011)

YFC's Massage Therapist is Certified in Pregnancy Massage! (Winter 2011)

"Do I Need to Detox My Body?" - Urbandale Living Magazine (January 2012)

"Why would Chiropractic Be Good for Your Heart? - Urbandale Living Magazine (Feb 2012)"

What Are the Benefits of Having Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy? (Urbandale Living Magazine - March 2012)

How Do I Improve My Family's Eating Habits? (Urbandale Living Magazine, May 2012)

I Sit for Hours Everyday...Is that Hurting My Overall Health?" - Written by Dr. Jessa Kane (Urbandale Living Magazine - June 2012)

What are some natural solutions for depression? - Urbandale Living Magazine (Sept 2012)

What are some additional ways to naturally treat depression? - Urbandale Living Magazine Oct 2012

Can Acupuncture Help me Optimize Reproductive Technologies such as IVF and Hormone Therapy? (November 2012 Urbandale Living Magazine)

What is Reflexology and how can it help me?


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