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Pediatric adjustment by Dr. Megan

Relieve Your Pain and Get Back to Living Life to the Fullest

Many people suffer from pain that just won't go away. At Yost Family Chiropractic, we take a whole-body approach, using personalized care plans, to identify and treat the source causing discomfort so you can do all of the things you love pain-free.

Ease Your Recent or Chronic Pain

Get Back to Your Hobbies

Feel Confident in Your Health

Woman at table with coffee stretching for neck pain.
Tired of Pain Holding You Back?


Whether it’s working out, training for a race, or playing with your grandchildren on the floor, it’s frustrating to go about your day and have to stop due to:


  • Headaches or migraines

  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain

  • Numbness or tingling sensations

At Yost Family Chiropractic We Treat the Cause of Your Discomfort, Not Just the Symptoms

We assess your current challenges, ask about your goals, and develop a personalized plan to help you bring those dreams to life.

Relieve Pain

Gain Strength

Age Well

Adult Chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Adam Ries
Your Journey to Less Pain Starts Here


We understand what it’s like to feel trapped by persistent pain.


At Yost Family Chiropractic, Dr. Megan and Dr. Adam are committed to addressing the cause behind your

discomfort, so you can feel better and embrace an active lifestyle now and for years to come.


Our whole-body method to chiropractic care (called NeuroStructural Correction) focuses on the bigger

picture, beyond the pain you currently feel, to ensure your spine and entire nervous system are operating



Our office has a special focus and treatment program for neuropathy. We also offer perinatal and pediatric chiropractic care

Getting Started is Simple
See What Yost Family Chiropractic Patients Have to Say

" We have had a great experience with Dr. Megan. I feel confident in her level of expertise and care. My kids love seeing her as well! The office staff are friendly, patient, and helpful. I love how efficiently everything is run - I rarely wait more a minute or two to be seen. And from the office staff to the doctors, everyone genuinely seems to care about you and your health. Highly recommend!"


"As a new patient the entry process was very easy and the staff was very helpful. Dr Adam did a great job listening to my concerns and seemed genuinely interested and invested in the care I would be receiving. This was my first chiropractic experience and I was very impressed."


"I've been going to chiropractors in multiple states for decades. My experience with Yost FC was the first time someone (Dr. Adam) took the time to review in depth the problems with my spine. He set up a treatment program and explained in detail what he was planning to do. I say Bravo!"

You Can Enjoy an Active Lifestyle Again



At Yost Family Chiropractic, we know you want to live life to the fullest. In order to do that, you need to end the ongoing pain currently interrupting your day-to-day life.


We believe you should be able to get back to the activities you love and live without pain dictating your days.


Schedule a consultation today so you can stop being held back by pain and instead return to the hobbies and physical activities that bring you joy.


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