Health and wellness have become very important in my life. Becoming a mother and a bout with cancer has made me evaluate my habits. I recently decided to try chiropractic care to relieve pain from surgery and injuries, as well as overall well being. A car accident in my late teens has caused me to shift my weight causing wear and tear in other areas of my body. Within four weeks of regular adjustments, my balance is much more evenly distributed. I have also been using the cervical wedge at home and I find the experience has also helped my senses. I can smell things and hear clearer when I use it. One evening after swimming I used the wedge, and the water trapped in my ears almost instantly cleared. I have begun to feel more energy, and my mood has improved. The staff at Yost Family is so friendly. They make me feel very welcome and care about the well being of everyone.

- Ericca Davis

I think that Yost Family Chiropractic has been some of the best care I've received across all medical fields. All of the staff is friendly and courteous, and take the time to educate every step of the process. I feel comfortable speaking to all of the staff about issues that pertain to my care. My husband, who was not a believer in chiropractic care will soon be a patient at the clinic as his faith is renewed in the health benefits of chiropractic care. I know that is only due to the honesty and openness of Dr. Heather and the Yost Family Chiropractic staff.

I'm grateful that I was referred to Yost Family Chiropractic. From the first day I entered your doors, I've felt like I've been listened to, educated, and cared for. That is a rare experience in any business, and I wanted you to know how special your staff really is. Thank you for all that you do!

- Shauna Shaefer

I expected to feel better running, sitting, dancing, but to get more pleasure from sex, that is something truly wonderful!

- C.H.

Since beginning treatment here, I have noticed a great improvement in my overall well being. I feel that I rest better and have more stamina during the day. My entire family shows the same positive results and always look forward to visits. My kids even sing “We’re on the way, we’re on the way, on the way to Doctor Heather’s!!!”

- Clint Nelsen
December 2009

I love coming to Yost Family Chiropractic. Dr. Heather is the first chiropractor I have ever gone to and it has been a wonderful experience. My body feels the best it ever has. I look forward to my Monday appointments so I can see Katie and Ashley when I walk in. I know every time they will have a smile on their faces and make me feel wonderful. I recommend Yost Family Chiropractic to my friends because I know they will be taken care of as I have been.

- Leah Kopecky
April 2010

“Coming to Yost Family Chiropractic isn’t like going to any other doctor. It’s like going to see your best girlfriends. I love getting the advice on children, healthy living, and community activities. Oh yeah, and the adjustments are great too!”

- Jennifer Igou
April 2010

"I have long intended to write a testimonial of my chiropractic experience, but could never seem to condense it down to a reasonably sized blurb. So here goes: the whole enchilada, beginning to current.

When my daughter Erica was in 6thgrade, she came home with severe upper back pain after PE at school. The school had dismissed is as normal. The pain continued for a couple of days, so I took her to our family doc, Dr. Steven Devore. He happened to be a D.O. and knew that her rib head had popped out and he deftly manipulated the errant rib back into place.

The next time she had a rib head pop out, Dr. Devore had retired. No one at our family medical clinic could adjust her. I was calling all over town trying to find someone on a Friday night that could do what Dr. Devore had done for Erica before. My husband called Doc at home, and bless his pea-pickin’ heart, he said “I’m packing to leave for a medical mission trip to Mali at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, but stop on by.”  He adjusted Erica, and gave her the relief we so desperately sought.

Then he handed us a little round battery. He said, “For your payment, I want you to go up the street to Radio Shack and get me a couple of these batteries I will need for my trip.” We gladly did, and talked about the fact that in Mali, Africa where he was headed, people would want to pay him with a live chicken, which represented many months of sustenance to them. I was very happy to get him the batteries!

 He recommended Dr. Kari Swain’s chiropractic care for Erica, and we just loved her and what she was able to do for Erica. I, too, began chiropractic care, finding great relief for long term back and neck pain that I had just accepted as part of the fibromyalgia diagnosis I had been given years earlier. Because of the distance from our home, we asked Dr. Kari to recommend a chiropractor closer to us. That is how we found Dr. Heather Yost. Not only has she provided us with great care, she has been a wonderful mentor to my daughter Erica after she began working for her in high school. Erica is now in college, with plans to become a chiropractor.

 But that’s not all of the story. For years, I have watched my husband deal with neck pain, and for years I tried to convince him that chiropractic care could help him. His answer was always the same: I don’t have time; I will just deal with the pain. In 1993, he had fallen 3 stories from a building he was working on and had suffered a traumatic brain injury, seven broken ribs, fractured clavicle and pelvis, broken teeth and a punctured lung. He is by, the grace of God, healed and for the most part whole. But I believed the neck pain was a residual from that fall, and that chiropractic would help. He finally went several months ago, and I no longer see him rubbing his neck in pain on a regular basis. He is so much better. An unexpected benefit: since his chiropractic treatment, it seems he no longer snores, which provides second-hand relief for me!

I highly recommend chiropractic care, and I highly recommend Dr. Heather Yost and her associate Dr. Jessa Kane."

-Patti Parlee
 November 2011


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