When I was 7½ months pregnant, my midwife informed me that my baby was breech.  I panicked!  After having 2 relatively easy vaginal births, the last thing I wanted was a c-section and all its risks, recovery and potential health hazards for the baby!  A family member told me about the Webster technique and I made an appointment that day.  At my first appointment the doctors explained the procedure thoroughly and adjusted me gently and painlessly.  The next morning I woke up and could no longer feel the baby’s head up top.  He had turned, which was confirmed at my next appointment!  I continued getting adjusted for the remainder of my pregnancy to make sure he didn’t turn again.  My labor was very quick and easy.  Big kudos to my doctors of chiropractic and the Webster Technique.  I wish every mother of breech-oriented babies knew about it.

C. Mathson

I began seeing Dr. Heather in August 2004 when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was having headaches and nausea. After being adjusted I had more energy and less headaches/nausea.
I continued to see Dr. Heather throughout my pregnancy-being adjusted kept me feeling great all throughout my pregnancy. I delivered my son in March , had an uncomplicated delivery and continue to be adjusted today. My son, Jackson, and husband, Josh, get adjusted as well. As a result we are healthier and happier!

-Kate Virgil-

After being recommended by a friend who received treatment during her pregnancy, I began seeing Dr. Heather. I was about 8 weeks along in my pregnancy. After my initial check-up with my OB/GYN, she sent me to a specialist because I had signs of hyperthyroidism. My numbers were quite high in this range, and I was told that I would need to start medication during my pregnancy.

After four visits, over 30 days, with my doctor, my OB, and the specialist, I found out that my levels had regulated, and that I would not need to be treated with medication. I am thankful for my visits with Dr. Heather who was able to adjust my body so that my thyroid would function correctly. My thyroid levels have remained in the normal range and through chiropractic, I am able to continue through my pregnancy without any medication.

Thank you to Dr. Heather and the Staff at Yost Chiropractic!

-Emily Olson

I came to Yost Family Chiropractic because I was 35 weeks pregnant and my baby was in the breech position.  My healthcare provider was already talking about having an external-version performed and/or the possibility of a C-section.  I knew I was not comfortable with those options, so I contacted Dr. Heather to see if chiropractic care would be an option for me.  After meeting with Dr. Heather and her caring staff, I chose to follow the recommended schedule for care.  I noticed a big difference after just two weeks of treatment.  Currently, the baby is in the vertex position – ready for birth, as well as, a lot of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy are significantly less.  Plus, I am experiencing pain relief from injuries that occurred as far back as childhood.  A big thanks to Dr. Heather and her staff for helping my body be at it’s best as I prepare for the birth of my baby!

-Michelle Upton

Dr. Heather helped me have a comfortable pregnancy with a fast delivery.  I only pushed 4 times!  Now my daughter and I both see Dr. Heather to stay healthy and happy.  Their concern for our well-being extends beyond the office.  Also their knowledge of well-child care extends well beyond chiropractic care.

Salina Boatman
Mom of Alayna
April 2010

I have been a proponent of chiropractic care my whole life.  This has served to become beneficial during my pregnancies, as well.  With my last pregnancy, at 30 weeks, I had an ultrasound that showed baby in the breech position.  I called Dr. Heather right away, as I knew she specialized in this area.  Within 3 adjustments baby was turned and stayed!

I believe now more than ever the benefits of chiropractic care and that Dr. Heather’s care helped me avoid an unwanted an unnecessary c-section.

Sarah Lee

October 2011

I was still carrying a breech baby at 32 weeks.  Hearing the options for me as time got closer scared me, until I was encouraged to see Dr. Yost to have the Webster’s Technique done.  The process was painless and full of positive feedback, and my baby turned at 34 weeks!

Abby Rector 

October 2011


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