Neck Pain

I had been experiencing quite severe back pain for some time- neck, lower, and mid back- headaches and irritability.  Seriously after my first adjustment I had immediate relief and I only continue to feel better with each visit.  Dr. Heather and her staff are just wonderful, very professional, knowledgeable, and very, very nice.  I feel in extremely competent hands and strongly recommend chiropractic to anyone. 

Molly Cornelisse

In July of 2007 I experienced a complete lockdown (muscle spasm) of my neck.  I was in terrible pain and I could not move my head at all.  I was also in a state of panic because I have two small children and was completely unable to take care of them.  I had seen chiropractors in the past and although I had never had a bad experience I never really felt that it did any good.  Dr. Heather had been my neighbor and we had talked several times about the benefits of Chiropractic care.  She had encouraged me to look into it and I never really had.  Now however, I was desperate.  I needed my neck back.  I showed up at her clinic, asked for help and began a journey that has changed me, and my family's life.  
I spent the next six months in recovery, my neck and back was so unstable that I was extremely delicate and was repeatedly dealing with spasms.  I followed the treatment plan Dr. Heather put me on and little by little she helped put me back together.  I had let things go and ignored pain for so long that I had to be committed to the long haul.   Every time I locked down Dr. Heather went above and beyond the call of duty to see me through it.  Within six months she had stabilized me and I am happy to say that I have been completely spasm and free for a year now.  I honestly do not know how things would look had she not helped me through this.   
This is not the end of my story.  In April of last year I found that I was expecting our third child.  I was extremely nervous about this because I knew that I wanted to VBAC and I was uncertain I would be able to do this in Des Moines.  Dr. Heather immediately helped plug me into resources that would support this decision.  At 29 weeks I found that our daughter was breech.  This was the same issue I had with my prior pregnancy and the baby had been unable to turn due to an issue with my uterus.  I was devastated.  Dr. Heather walked me through this time emotionally while at the same time adjusting me in order to help position my spine in such a way that the baby could flip.  The next week the baby flipped and stayed head down and I gave birth vaginally to my daughter 8 weeks later.  Dr. Heather was an amazing emotional support throughout the entire experience.  As soon as I could get my newborn daughter in to see her I did.  Dr. Heather spent quite a bit of time talking to me about how she would adjust her before she actually did and my daughter responded very well to her care.      
As I was being treated we also began treatments on my husband and children.  My son, who had pneumonia the year before and was on a nebulizer for his breathing (in fact it was starting to get to the point that our doctor was thinking that we would have to start a steroid soon) only needed his breathing treatments SEVEN TIMES that year and this year he has not used them ONCE.  I dreaded winter because I knew he would be sick the whole time, last year he had ONE cold and this year he has not had one.  My husband had jaw pain and began having it adjusted and he has seen significant improvement.  My children love going to see Dr. Heather (I think a bonus is that she keeps juicy juice in the fridge) and I love knowing that their spines are being lovingly and gently tended to by a woman who truly cares about their health.
In conclusion this is a woman whose training and heart I trust completely.  In a society where we are being "managed" by our health care providers Dr. Heather stands out as a caregiver utterly devoted to those who entrust themselves to her.  She has advocated for me on other naturopathic issues, encouraged me through personally challenging times, celebrated when I had achieved that which I never though I could, and provided my family with a safe and accepting place where we receive a quality of care and personal attention that I never would have expected in our current medical environment.  I have so much to thank her for and am grateful to know her and call her not only my doctor, but my friend.   
Kori Gunst

I never considered chiropractic care until a friend said it may help with my continuous neck pain. I figured I was just getting older. I sure was feeling old at 42 years. After only a few weeks I had full range of motion in my neck and back. I had also told the doctor about the numbness in my fingers. I had considered surgery. After a quick adjustment I have feeling in my fingers. I have had this numbness for several years and now I can actually hold a pen. This was the best decision I have ever made.

-Lisa Boecker

I have been going to chiropractors on and off since I was 19 to relieve pain.  At age 60 I have the ability to play racquetball and have overall good health.  It has enabled me to recover from injuries and headaches and nervousness from neck pain.  When my neck has been out of place, it caused nervousness and an unexplainable depression and lack of ability to physically enjoy what I’m doing.  This included dizziness and nausea from movement.  I believe in chiropractic care!
Dr. Yost was the first to use the Pro-Adjuster on me to try to make my neck more moveable.  At first my results went up and down for a couple of months, but afterwards it has produced more stability in the neck region of y body then ever before.  It makes it easy for me to hold my head straight up with no neck strain.  I’m working myself off some medicine I took for years after a surgical error that caused me chronic pain for 2 years.  I am taking half the amount I took before and I believe it is because of the accurateness of the Pro-Adjuster and the ability the doctors have here at the clinic to use it correctly.  The health of my neck affects my mental health and enjoyment of life’s moments.  The Pro-Adjuster is painless and non-invasive unlike medical surgery and procedures.
I have also had the unexpected benefit of the treatments in that I have lost my clumsiness, which I had the last few years.  I feel more stable when running and am so stable on my feet when I play racquetball with my husband.  I am not tripping as easily now.  I thought it was just age, but now my body is more balanced.

-Sharolyn Thenhaus


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