Ever since coming here and had chiropractic care --- where do I start?  They wanted to do surgery and now I’m good.  My orthopedic surgeon wanted to do surgery on both knees and now I am walking pain free for 2 miles every day.  I did have surgery on my back though and chiropractic not only helps with my knees but my back too.  I know how I feel and I know what my experience has been here and you guys have been great!  My wife comes her for her scoliosis and she’s doing great too! 
-A. Scagloine

I have noticed that since I have been seeing Dr. Yost that I don’t have hot flashes.  So I have been able to sleep through the night.  Also my left knee does not swell.

C. Smith
November 2008

I came into Yost the middle of January 2007, my back and leg were hurting so bad I could not walk properly.  Every step I took I had pain , it was difficult to work and I had quit coaching my son’s basketball team.
Within about 3 weeks of 3 day 9 week treatment, my pain had subsided to about 30% of what it had been, and then by the first of March I was pain free and still am!
I am able to function normally again and am back to coaching baseball and softball.  I have been extremely happy with my results and amazed that it all happened drug free!

-Tim Hollingsworth

Since I started going to the chiropractor I’ve been able to do activities pain free that I haven’t done in 2 years…golf 18 holes, run every day, play volleyball, and simply go for a walk.  I feel like I’m 28 again and start a whole new life without the back and knee pain!

-Emily Bergfeld

May 2011


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