My daughter, Breanna, was struggling with ear infections after a week of starting daycare at 3 months. By the time she was 4 months, she already had 2 ear infections. My older son, who is now 4 years old, had this same problem when he was a baby and by the time he was 9 months old, he had gotten tubes. I did not want to follow this pattern again with Breanna so I looked into other options. My co-worker told me about Dr. Heather who treated her infant son who struggled with ear infections. After she took her son to Dr. Yost, he no longer struggled with back to back ear infections. With this information I decided to try taking Breanna to Dr. Yost to see how this would work for her. My first visit was in August 2007 and we started going weekly for the first month and then two times a month for a couple of months. Breanna was not back to the pediatrician for 5 months! She was a healthy little girl and so much happier. This was relief for me and my husband as we no longer had to see her in pain and on antibiotics. Dr. Heather has been wonderful in providing great care for Breanna. I highly recommend chiropractic care!

- Tina Langsing, mother of Breanna
March 2008

My son had fluid sitting in his ears for months. It wasn’t infected, though he had many infections prior. It was just cloudy, but wasn’t draining properly. We put tubes in June of 2008 and by April the tubes had emerged from the canal and there was still fluid sitting in his ears. We came to Yost and after 5 adjustments, the fluid was virtually gone. I am a believer now! I only wish it would have happened sooner, before putting my son through surgery!

- Emily Hasson (mom of Noah)
June 2009

My four month son was constipated and spitting up pretty badly (often). After a couple of treatments, he was regular and not spitting up hardly at all. What a change!

- Melanie Lumley (Brice’s mom)
June 2009

We have a 9-year-old son who was wetting the bed every night (enuresis). At least once a week, sometimes more, he would wet so much that it leaked outside of his Goodnight (pull-up). The pediatrician said most kids grow out of it but many times not until they are 12 or 13. He recommended an alarm system, which clamped onto underwear with a wire and alarm strapped to his pajama shirt, which would sound a loud alarm at the first sign of wetness. He said most people have success after a week of the alarm. We tired it on a couple of different occasions for at least two weeks without success. We had heard of chiropractic treatment for enuresis from a friend but we didn’t know anything about chiropractic care. After much research and a couple of meetings with Dr. Heather, we were convinced we should try chiropractic treatment. We have been so impressed with Dr. Heather and the treatment she has given our son. Not to mention, after 12 treatments he started to wear underwear to bed instead of Goodnights. We believe the adjustments have improved the “wiring” between his brain and his bladder and the adjustments have allowed his body to function properly so he no longer wets during the night without waking up! Out son couldn’t be happier and neither could we!!


I told Eva we were going to visit Dr. Heather. She said “ Yeah, I’m so excited! She makes me feel good.” Eva brought her stuffed dog for Dr. Heather to adjust too because he’s been sick. Thanks!

- Kristie and Eva Hefel

Eva had chronic ear infection in both ears since 4 months of age. She had her first set of tubes at 8 months. She had 4 ear surgeries total by the time she was 2 ½.

Since chiropractic care, she has had only one ear infection the last 10 months. She never complains of ear pain and pressure anymore and fluid is no longer present behind the ear drums.

Eva had her first perfect hearing test—ever- since we’ve started chiropractic care. She has had approximately three colds with nasal drainage, but no ear infections resulted….which used to ALWAYS be the case. Her speech has also improved because she can hear.

We visit our chiropractor every four weeks for maintenance and we believe it works!

- Kristie (mom of Eva)

We brought our son, Ryan, in for chiropractic care for secondary acid reflux issues, poor sleep, and irritability. Prior to Ryan receiving care we were administering acid reflux medicine twice daily, with minimal relief. Since he’s received his medicine 3 times total, his sleep hygiene is improving and he has been very content! Thank you Yost Family Chiropractic!

- Kari Lengeling, mother of Ryan

My daughter, Isabelle, is now 4 months old and both of us continue to see Dr. Heather on a regular basis. Each time that Isabelle is cared for by Dr. Heather, she is more relaxed and a seemingly a calmer baby. Dr. Heather greets, holds and talks to her as though she is her own and listens to my fears and concerns as a new mother. I was apprehensive about taking such a delicate and precious treasure to be adjusted but after voicing my anxiety, Dr. Heather validated them and walked me through every step of Isabelle’s adjustment. In addition to having a healthier baby, I continue to sleep and feel better with the continued care that I receive from Yost Chiropractic.

Yost Chiropractic is a family place whose doctor is committed to each and every patient she treats. The results from continued chiropractic care are apparent in my family and we will continue to see Dr. Heather as long as we can.

- Lisa McD.

Yost Family Chiropractic has CHANGED OUR LIVES!!!!!! Just when we thought we had nowhere to turn, we found Dr. Heather and Dr. Nicole.

Our little Zachary started having breathing/coughing problems when he was just 8 weeks old. After several months of doctors giving him drug after drug after drug we were sent to a specialist who told us Zachary has asthma. Again we were giving more drugs to try and help him breathe better. Zachary was not responding to the asthma treatments either.

A family member started looking into chiropractic care and the care involved with an infant. When presented with Yost Family Chiropractic’s web site we became very curious. After much research and talking with others who have used chiropractic care with their children we decided to go for a visit.

Upon entering their office we felt as if we already knew everyone including Katie at the front office from our numerous visits to their web site. We were greeted by name immediately upon walking in and shortly after were also greeted by Dr. Heather who were expecting us. Zachary flashed his big smile of approval at the girls, which made us feel even better.

Of course we were a bit skeptical and unsure of what we were doing there. Dr. Heather spent time showing us and explaining to us what it was they thought was wrong with Zachary and how they could help. We truly felt they wanted to see Zachary get better as much as we did.

After his first treatment he started to sound better and started sleeping through the night. To our amazement our little guy had been given 1 miracles….Dr. Heather. We are now on our 2nd week with Zachary’s treatments and it’s like having a new child. Zachary can breathe, sleep, and play without discomfort. Zachary is now drug free and we cannot thank Dr. Heather enough for that.

If anyone were to ask us for help with a heath issue we have a story to tell and 2 great Dr.’s to help them. We could have gone on forever trying new drugs to help Zachary get better. We thank god for leading us to Yost Family Chiropractic.

- Todd & Lorie Bruck (Zachary’s mom & dad)

I have a son who is 2½ months old. He would wake up every night at 2am, 4am, and 6am. After he got adjusted for the 1st time he slept through the night and has ever since! Not only has he started sleeping through the night, he has been sleeping in! Our 5:30-6am wake up time has become 8 or 9am!

- Nicole Peterman
Mom of Koebe
April 2010


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