Dr. Heather Yost & Staff:

Thank you for going out of your way to let me into your busy schedule this past week. I greatly appreciated the effort you put forth to help me recover from my back injury. You have given me a giant step towards complete recovery.

Additionally, it was very impressive how sympathetic you and your staff were to me on a personal level. Rarely does a person see that level of empathy in today’s health field. The entire office environment was above and beyond what I expected. Immediately when I walked in the door I was put at ease with warm smiles and open arms.

Thank you very much! I will proudly recommend your office to those in need of care!

Many regards,
Jason M. Holst

I have been blessed with good health and a strong back until recently. I injured my back while moving furniture a couple of months ago and was referred to Yost Family Chiropractic by my wife. I am 39 years old and have 3 little girls relying on me being there for them. I was skeptical when I arrived for my first visit. I was extremely impressed by the knowledgeable and friendly staff. Dr. Heather has not only provided the necessary physical treatment required to alleviate my back pain but have provided me with something I think is equally important and that is information on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Their primary focus is the integrity of the nervous system, which controls and regulates every cell and tissue in the body. I highly recommend Yost Family Chiropractic to anyone that is having neck or back pain or to anyone interested in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I want to end by saying.... THANK YOU to Dr. Heather and Katie for everything they have done for me over the last couple of months and I look forward to continuing my "maintenance" program.
- Kelly Foley

I’m in total amazement and hope my testimony will circulate beyond expectation. If you’ve ever pondered chiropractic treatment or been hesitant, I’m truly convinced you would not be unhappy if you had the experience at Yost Family Chiropractic. I can honestly say that it’s been the BEST medical treatment experience I’ve ever had. Let me start by elaborating as to why I chose the word AMAZEMENT. First and foremost, the Staff there are the warmest, most caring, and knowledgeable medical Staff I’ve ever encountered. Just the warmth of their hearts and caring attitudes instantly made my discomfort and pain more bearable each visit. I sensed my wellness truly mattered to them and wasn’t just a number on a chart. This is HUGE and can have a large impact on many of us.

As a single Mom and being the sole bread winner in the home, I knew it was imperative that an injury of this sort didn’t keep me down long. I had a tremendous amount of worry and scared as to the potential impact to my family. I walked in knowing I was the victim in an accident and I was not only physically hurt, but also emotionally. The talent and knack this Staff has to recognize the true depth of not only physical but emotional hurt is –again truly AMAZING. It takes a special type of person/people to realize medical treatment is not only physical but mental – what a delightful group of people who possess talent and skill beyond their years.

The Staff immediately wiped my tears, instantly shown compassion and concern, and walked me through everything step by step in detail. This instantly alleviated stress and I was on my way to recovery physically and mentally. Their compassion instilled encouragement and faith to help me make it through this difficult time and I found myself in almost a state of excitement to venture to their office to see them, no matter what inconveniences it seemed to cause. This brings me to another point, when I say venture to the office. They are extremely family oriented. Even though I felt I had to drag my 7 year old son along, he ended up literally being excited to visit them. Now keep in mind, this is a 7 year old boy going to a doctor’s office. My point here, is that the Staff cares enough and recognizes the importance of not only you encountering a pleasant of a visit, but also your children matter to them as well. The time and energy is spent care that your child is taken care of or entertained so you can have a quality healing experience. It’s an inviting, welcoming, and loving environment even for children. My son and I would recommend them to anyone! They have the experience and the knowledge to heal and help you and have special skills and talents beyond what I can describe – pure AMAZEMENT!

- L. Sowden

I came into Yost the middle of January 2007, my back and leg were hurting so bad I could not walk properly. Every step I took I had pain , it was difficult to work and I had quit coaching my son’s basketball team.

Within about 3 weeks of 3 day 9 week treatment, my pain had subsided to about 30% of what it had been, and then by the first of March I was pain free and still am!

I am able to function normally again and am back to coaching baseball and softball. I have been extremely happy with my results and amazed that it all happened drug free!

- Tim Hollingsworth


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