In October 2012, I was experiencing pain in my shoulder blade and sought out chiropractic care.  Through the referral of a friend, I discovered Yost Chiropractic and Dr. Heather Yost.

                In my initial consultation, I was asked what my goals for overall health and well-being were.  I shared that not only did I want my shoulder pain to go away, I mostly wanted to make positive health changes to help assist me on my path to becoming pregnant.  I shared with Dr. Heather that my husband and I have tried to start our family for two years and had experienced one miscarriage during our journey.  I was ovulating, but was ovulating too late in my cycle most months to be able to make it to implantation.  I noticed that eating “clean”, losing weight, and taking stronger dosages of vitamins would move up my ovulation slightly, but still not in the range we needed it to achieve to increase our chances of being successful.  

                Upon examining my thermal scan, Dr. Yost uncovered something very interesting.  Even though I hadn’t experienced any lower back pain or discomfort, the area right above my sacrum off the charts for misalignment and was “black” on the thermal image.  She explained to me that this area was the area that contained most of the nerves and blood flow to my reproductive system.  Dr. Yost laid out a course of treatment that included getting this area of my spine back in alignment to see if it would make a difference in my fertility.  I thought this was interesting, but quite frankly, I couldn’t comprehend that a misaligned spine could be contributing to my infertility.  I didn’t think too much more about it and concentrated mostly about getting my shoulder to feel better.  I saw Dr. Heather and Dr. Laura three times per week for the first six weeks.  My shoulder pain dissipated and I felt great.

                As I had done for months, during my next menstrual cycle after starting adjustments, I monitored for LH surges with ovulation predictor kits and would confirm ovulation with daily morning basal temperatures.    The OPK showed a slight LH surge on Day 13 and Day 14.  My temperatures started to rise on Day 16 and confirmed that – finally – I had ovulated at the proper time!  To my delight, just over two weeks later, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!  I was thrilled!  Two weeks after that, I had my first ultrasound with my Ob/Gyn.   About 30 seconds into my ultrasound, my Ob said, “I see two….”  Not only was I pregnant, I was pregnant with twins!

                I couldn’t believe it!  God had given me and my husband our hearts’ greatest wish by blessing us with two children.  We had done this without any artificial fertility drugs, hormones or intervention.  The only difference between other months was that I had chiropractic care.  Another thermal scan showed that my lower back was in alignment when I became pregnant.  Chiropractic care had made the difference and had done it in one month!

                I was thrilled to bring my ultrasounds into Yost Chiropractic and show them my exciting news!  Dr. Heather (the mother of twins too!) shared with me her best practices for remaining healthy through my pregnancy.  

                I am now 26 weeks pregnant with two, healthy fraternal boys.  I continue to receive adjustments every other week. I have felt very good throughout my pregnancy and my Ob/Gyns are thrilled with my progress.  During my last visit, the OB commented “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!” 

                Thank you to Dr. Heather and her entire team at Yost Chiropractic for taking great care of me during this pregnancy and for all your support!

                ~ Molly Horton


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