Back Pain

I had been under chiropractic care in the past because of strains or injuries, but hadn’t needed help for some time…until late 2005.  Hours of driving and sitting began to take their toll in the form of lower back pain.  About that time, I ran across Dr. Heather’s newspaper insert.  Under her treatment, my body quickly healed itself.  She also diagnosed misalignment of my spine, which left me vulnerable to further discomfort.  I’m now pain-free and under regular preventive care.  I would highly recommend Dr. Heather and her delightful staff!

Bob Voss

After receiving chiropractic treatment for a few months, I can say my back feels better than it has for 25 years! Thanks Dr. Heather!

Fred Sangster

I have had pain in my back (mid/lower), shoulders and neck for a good part of twenty years.  The pain was constant and I just lived with it because the other doctors  I saw either put me on medications, told me to exercise (which hurt even more) or said I was perfectly healthy (“it’s all in my head.”)
I decided to see Dr. Heather when I began having pain and numbness in my right arm and hand so painful, I couldn’t do normal everyday things like lift a milk carton or curl my hair.
After treatment from Dr. Heather I can happily say I am pain free.  It is amazing.  I’ve even begun to do yoga and aerobics again- NO PAIN!! I can’t believe I can be this active again and not have any pain! 
Not only did Dr. Heather fix the pain in my arm but gave me my life back because all the pain is gone!!

Jennifer Allamby

I had been experiencing quite severe back pain for some time- neck, lower, and mid back- headaches and irritability.  Seriously after my first adjustment I had immediate relief and I only continue to feel better with each visit.  Dr. Heather and her staff are just wonderful, very professional, knowledgeable, and very, very nice.  I feel in extremely competent hands and strongly recommend chiropractic to anyone. 

Molly Cornelisse

“A few years ago I had an accident resulting in a compound leg fracture.  I had a cast on for over eight weeks and since crutches were not an option, I used a walker to get around.  It took over a year to fully recover and it was during that time I began suffering from lower back pain.  Initially I thought that with time the pain would go away but unfortunately it did not and the pain intensified.  This continued for several months until I finally decided that enough was enough.  I called the Yost Family Chiropractic office.  My first appointment included a tour, x-rays, and a consultation.  The state of the art technology and the staff’s dedicated commitment for wellness supported my decision that I selected the right office. It has only been a few months but I have experienced significant relief from chronic lower back pain.  I know that regular chiropractic maintenance visits will manage these occurrences.  After each visit I feel great and I know that my overall health is improved.  You don’t need to live with pain.  There are options available.  I am glade that I chose Yost Family Chiropractic as my option.”

Peggy Hockins

I have had lower back pain in the duration of my adult life, but it was never something that impeded on my quality of life.  Almost everyone I knew had some sort of back complaint at one time or another, so I dealt with the pain in other ways – Tylenol, heating pads, sometimes alcohol!  Recently I had a small accident.  I slipped while walking down some stairs and landed on my tailbone two or three times while sliding down the stairs.  My family physician told me that I hadn’t broken anything and to use alternating heat and cold for the pain I was feeling.  He also suggested I buy a donut to sit on; other than that I just had to wait for my body to heal itself.  One month after my accident I was still experiencing tailbone pain, but I also had some additional symptoms!  I had persistent pain that felt like a urinary tract infection.  I visited my physician again and even though I did not have a UTI, he gave me antibiotics for the nonexistent infection.  Of course the symptoms persisted.  I was miserable.  I went so far as to see a urologist and have a scope procedure.  When she told me there was no explanation for my pain, I knew it was time for another approach.  It was time for me to direct my own care.  After a little research I realized that my symptoms were most likely a result of my previous fall.  Until then I hadn’t connected the two.  I have been seeing Dr. Yost for a little over three weeks and I am happy to say that my pain is completely gone.  Something that had completely taken over my life was gone within a matter of weeks without medication or invasive medical procedures I was dreading.  I KNOW that my life has been changed for the better!  Having been apprehensive before I can honestly say I will always turn to chiropractic care as a first option in the future; in particular Dr Heather Yost. 

S. Fairweather
November 2008

I have been suffering severe lower back pain since working construction the summer of 1984.  Chronic back pain is part of my family medical history, brothers, dad, grand parents. I was always very active and athletic.  There were days as recently as September of ’05 when I could not stand up or walk without severe pain. I tried conventional medicine, pain killers and physical therapy with limited results and my pain always came back after some activity or exertion.  I came to Yost Family Chiropractic with skepticism as I never thought chiropractic care was much of a realistic option.  I have been coming to Dr. Heather for nearly one year now.  I can say for the first time in 22 years that I am pain free. I no longer take any medications for pain.  I have not missed one day of work this year to back pain or any other illness.  I can play with my 4 children, do my chores and all the things I love without being afraid to hurt myself and be laid out for two or three days.  I can honestly say the care and education I have received at Yost Family Chiropractic has changed my life.

Thanks Dr. Heather and all the staff for providing such great care.

Brian Bartemes

I have had chronic back pain since the age of 15. It was never a type of pain that would wake me up at night or alter my style of living, but rather a dull, numbing sensation that ached most of the time. Because of the type of pain I had, I learned to live with it. I began receiving care from Dr. Heather when I was approximately 20 weeks pregnant, upon guidance from a friend. Up until that point, I had received chiropractic care irregularly from a variety of doctors, but never truly made the commitment to care. I was told that seeing a chiropractor would help with a quick delivery and effective contractions. Upon visiting Dr. Heather for the first time, I realized that there were many more benefits to receiving chiropractic care than a speedy delivery. She spent time listening to me and reviewing my health and back pain. She completed a detailed assessment of my spine and neck and explained each area of concern to me. After my initial visit, I began seeing Dr. Heather regularly and did not experience one day of back pain during my pregnancy. And yes, my delivery was quick! J

My daughter, Isabelle, is now 4 months old and both of us continue to see Dr. Heather on a regular basis. Each time that Isabelle is cared for by Dr. Heather, she is more relaxed and a seemingly a calmer baby. Dr. Heather greets, holds and talks to her as though she is her own and listens to my fears and concerns as a new mother. I was apprehensive about taking such a delicate and precious treasure to be adjusted but after voicing my anxiety, Dr. Heather validated them and walked me through every step of Isabelle’s adjustment. In addition to having a healthier baby, I continue to sleep and feel better with the continued care that I receive from Yost Chiropractic.

Yost Chiropractic is a family place whose doctor is committed to each and every patient she treats. The results from continued chiropractic care are apparent in my family and we will continue to see Dr. Heather as long as we can.

Lisa McD.

After living with neck, back, and headache pain for better than 30 years from self induced abuse of my body, I finally broke down and had to find some kind of relief.  After a visit to the doctor, he referred me to Yost.  Much to my surprise after approximately 6 months of adjustments and treatments, I am feeling much better.  My joint pain and headache pain have improved dramatically.  The laid back and professionalism at Yost made my visits very comfortable.  Thank you Yost for allowing me to get back to a normal pain free routine in life!

-Bob Dingman

May 2011

Since I started going to the chiropractor I’ve been able to do activities pain free that I haven’t done in 2 years…golf 18 holes, run every day, play volleyball, and simply go for a walk.  I feel like I’m 28 again and start a whole new life without the back and knee pain!

-Emily Bergfeld

May 2011


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