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March Thru March Challenge 2023

Starts March 1st!

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Anyone else sick of being cooped up inside during these long winter months? Good news, March is around the corner and it's time to get marching! The weather will fluctuate in March but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some leg mileage outside.

Welcome to March Thru March 2023!

Who: Patients of Yost Family Chiropractic

What: March Walking/Running Mileage Challenge

When: March 1-31st, 2023

Where: Anywhere around your city OR a treadmill (if weather is bad)

How: Simply record how many miles you run or walk a day on sheet provided by clinic. Submit an image of your score at the end of each week by Friday at 3pm!

Prizes: Top 2 Winners get a $50 gift card to either Fleet Feet or Fitness Sports!

Register to participate and download your free mileage tracker here!

Sign up to reserve your spot and receive your mileage tracking sheet!

Click here to download Tracking Sheet

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