Kallen Dean Yost


Kallen (aka “K-Man”), the son of Dr. Heather Yost and Ben Yost, was born at home in Urbandale, IA, December 28th, 2009.  His mother was adjusted throughout labor, which greatly assisted in delivering this 9 lb 2 oz baby.  Like his sisters, he was adjusted within an hour of his birth.  This child is full of life and works diligently to keep up with his sisters… running, climbing, dancing, singing.. whatever it takes to be like them.  He’s always been a model patient when it comes to getting adjusted and has even been featured on the Channel 5 news in a news story about children and chiropractic. 

Kallen loves other little kids and has just recently switched his “hello” from head butting to gentle arm rubs (which his parents are thankful for).  He has a goofy personality and has gotten quite funny in his facial expressions and wild dancing.  Kallen has the “gift of gab” but it’s anyone’s guess what he’s saying.  His most common words are “Why?”, “Mine”, and “eat”.  His favorite past times are riding his strider bike and running after his sisters.  He’s a daddy’s boy and looks like him too.  In addition to being a chiropractor in training, his parents believe he’ll be a pro-biker or potentially a WWF wrestler. 


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