Gavyn Mareta Yost


Gavyn (aka “Gavy G”), the daughter of Dr. Heather Yost and Ben Yost, was born in Des Moines, IA, November 9, 2006.  She was quickly followed by the birth of her sister 34 minutes later.  Gavyn was adjusted within hours of her birth and has been adjusted regularly since. 

Gavyn is truly a “chiropractic kid”.  She is full of life and exudes absolute health and happiness.  She knows that if she has a fall, gets a bump or bruise.. or even a sniffle, she needs to get adjusted and will tell us so.  She’s the first of Dr. Heather’s kiddos to jump on the table and ask to have her “power turned on”.  Gavyn is well aware of the fact that adjustments help to balance her nervous system and improve immune function so that she can function at her highest potential.  She recognizes the value of chiropractic as well as nutrition (“grow food”) to keep her body strong and growing.  She’s also a great negotiator with food and will let us know how much “grow food” she’s eaten so that she can have a “once in a while food” – which always consists of cheese or some dairy product.   In addition to wanting to be a chiropractor, her other lifelong goal is to become a Pirate.


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